Pneumatic Integration Capsule Filling Sealing Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AM
Certification: CE, GMP, ISO9001:2010
Model Number: NSF
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Price: Upon request
Packaging Details: Ply wooden case
Delivery Time: 60~90 days upon down payment and technical clarification
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: As per production plan
Name: Capsule Sealer Material: SUS304/SUS316L
Power Supply: AC220V/380V 3P Model: NSP
Noise(dba): <75 Application: Pharma/Food/Chemical
High Light:

Pharma Capsule Filling Sealing Machine


Integrated Capsule Filling Sealing Machine


GMP Capsule Filling Sealing Machine


Fully Automatic Capsule Sealing machine, Hard capsule, Liquid Capsule sealer




1. Improve the stability of the drug: After the hard capsule is filled with the drug, it is easily degraded or deteriorated due to the influence of temperature and oxygen in the air during storage and transportation. How to improve the stability of the drug after packaging is the production, transportation and operation of each drug Problems that must be solved in use. After the medicine is loaded into the capsule, a protective coating film that prevents air from entering and exiting the capsule sleeve can effectively solve the above problems.
2. Prevent the volatilization of volatile drugs inside: Another application of hard capsule sealing is to prevent the volatilization and failure of the volatile drugs inside, and the outer packaging alone cannot solve such problems. After such drugs are loaded into hard capsules, they are sealed at the capsule sleeve, which can effectively prevent the volatilization of the drugs, thereby improving the internal quality of the drugs, such as limonene capsules.
3. Anti-counterfeiting: In order to prevent the capsule preparations of famous brands or new products from being counterfeited, it can be realized by capsule sealing technology. Because the process of filling hard capsule preparations is relatively easy, it will be counterfeited, but after adopting the sealing technology, it is not easy to be counterfeited because the sealing is a patented technology. In the United States, many customers use sealing equipment in compliance with the regulations of OTC products. According to the principal by 21.CFR211.132 (Abstract #92N-0314), all OTC products need to have anti-counterfeiting marks in the capsule. Application of sealing technology: The sealing technology is not only used in health nutrition capsules, but also in medicines, with great performance.



1. It can be used on-line with various types of domestic automatic capsule (liquid capsule) filling machines, and can also be used for stand-alone production in pharmaceutical factories and health care products factories.
2. The use of unique invention patent technology, and the use of secondary gluing technology to lock the sealing effect, make the glued part of the capsule more uniform and beautiful.
3. The glue box is designed with asbestos heat insulation and a highly sensitive temperature sensor is used to make the temperature of the glue box accurate in real time, and the operation is safe and reliable.
4. The plastic box and the body adopt a pneumatic clutch design, which can be easily disassembled and cleaned.
5. Using a unique invention patent, the capsules can be loaded accurately, oriented, and arranged accurately without damaging each capsule.
6. The part in contact with the medicine is made of all stainless steel and conforms to GMP standards.
7. Adopting a precise capsule chain-plate repetitive conveying mechanism, effectively extending the conveying distance, and drying in a fully enclosed drying box at low temperature without affecting the shape of the drug in the capsule.
8. The control part adopts touch screen control, multi-system electrical and pneumatic integration, and a high degree of automation.

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