Integrated 0.18kW WIP Washing Film Coating Equipment

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: AM
Certification: CE, cGMP, ISO9001:2010
Model Number: BG-25
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Price: Upon request
Packaging Details: Ply wooden case
Delivery Time: 60~90 days upon down payment and technical clarification
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: As per production plan
Model: BG-25 Name: Film Coating Machine
Power Supply: According To Site Condition Processing: By Batch
Spray Nozzle: Schlick - Optional Air Temp. Range: Normal Temperature - 80℃
Hot Air Filtering: 0.5 μm (Class D) Peristaltic Power: 0.18kW
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WIP Washing Film Coating Equipment


0.18kW Film Coating Equipment


Integrated Film Coating Equipment



Coating Equipment With WIP Washing System Lab Coater

BG Series Coating Machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical solid dosage production for organic film coating, water soluble film coating, slow release and control release coating. It is also suitable for sugar, xylitol, chocolate coating in food industry. BG-40 Coating Machine is highly efficient, cGMP-compliant solution dedicated to meet user’s requirements.


Working principle:

The tablet is continuously turned over in the clean and closed rotating pan of the coating machine, and the coating medium is automatically sprayed according to the process flow and reasonable process parameters, while the hot air is supplied under the action of exhaust and negative pressure, through the tablet from the bottom. Discharge, the coating medium is quickly dried on the surface of the tablet to form a strong, dense, smooth surface film.


1. This machine combines three-way cleaning, integrated clean system in the main machine to take less space, easy-to-use. (option)

2. The side door and the front door are air-sealed, and the sealing performance is reliable.

3. With negative pressure control function.

4. With hot air speed control system.

5. Display and control of temperature values.

6. Adjustment and control function of spray gun atomization coverage.

7. Program control function of spray gun and atomization.

8. Clean nozzle anti-blocking function.

9. With the inlet air humidity display.


Process flow:


Process feature:

1) Negative pressure display and interrelations in the coating pan

A negative pressure detection point is added to the upper box of the coating machine, and the negative pressure value can be freely set on the touch screen (only the negative pressure value is required, the air inlet and the exhaust air inside the coating machine can be controlled. Variables, in order to achieve the effect of changing the negative pressure) visual display and operation, digital, automatic control of the exhaust, in order to achieve the purpose of controlling the negative pressure in the pot, to avoid the artificial control of the negative pressure uncertainty.

2) Display and control of heating air velocity

Wind speed detection points are added to the hot air supply pipeline, and can be visually displayed and operated on the touch screen to digitally and automatically control the hot air to meet the requirements of controlling the air supply volume.

3) Display and control of temperature values

A temperature sensor is arranged at the inlet and outlet of the coating drum, and the temperature signal is input into the PLC to automatically control the heat exchanger after being compared with the set value (900C), thereby achieving the control of the coating temperature value.

4) Adjustment and control of spray size

The use of frequency conversion speed regulation improves the degree of automation of the sugar coating, eliminating the use of wear-resistant silicone tube, saving the investment of wearing parts and reducing the cost. The machine is suitable for both film-coated and sugar-coated garments.

5) Adjustment and control of slurry atomization coverage

Use imported Japanese Iwata spray gun, excellent atomization effect, adjust the angle, flow rate and fan surface adjustment knob on the nozzle according to the amount of charge in the coating pot, which can realize the atomization coverage area. Easy to operate, save dressing and reduce cost.

6) Cleaning system

The cleaning system consists of a frame, a detergent container, a multi-stage pipeline pump, a magnetic pump, a pneumatic sanitary ball valve, and a pipe.




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