21.6kW 60 Mesh 200kg/H Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AM
Certification: CE, cGMP, ISO9001:2010
Model Number: AF
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Price: Upon request
Packaging Details: Ply wooden case
Delivery Time: 60~90 days upon down payment and technical clarification
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: As per production plan
Model: AF Name: Roller Compactor
Contact Material: SUS304/SUS316L Power Supply: According To Site Condition
Max Roller Pressure: 5 T/cm² Capacity: 40-200 Kg/h
Output Particle Size: 15-60 Mesh Power: 11.5-21.6 KW
High Light:

60 Mesh Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor


200kg/H Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor


21.6kW Roller Compactor

RC Roller Compactor Continuous Extrude Compaction Pharmaceutical Granulation Equipments Horizontal


RC Roller Compactor





Feeding-Charging(gas desorption)-Compaction-Crush-Arrange grain

1. Blender is equipped to the feeding mechanism to keep the feeding uniform.

2. Horizontal-feeding with isometry screw, Prerolled compulsively with speed adjustable.

3. Gas desorption can reduce the gas ration in the power and increase the compactness.

4. Roller fixed in a vertical type with the treated high hardness surface.

5. Use the different roller according to the power characteristic.

6. Hydraulic brace is used on main drive system in order to guarantee the pressure steadily and density uniformly.

7. The working area is closed and can be watched by transparent plexiglass.

8.The fine powder ration is reduced after the flake crushed by using the twin-stage D type granule mechanism.

9. The screen mesh can be changed in order to get the different size of grain.

10. Different hardness or density grain can be get by changing the speed ratio between the feeding screw and the roller.

11. Modulonized design, easy dismounting.

12. The part which contact to the target material is made with stainless steel or polymers.

13. The closed dry compactor and granulating system can reduce the dust polluting.

14. The colorized touch screen is used with the Chinese operation interface and the failure warning function.

15. It has the function of parameter, working mode and password setting.

16. It has the overloading protect device of main drive and squeeze system.

17. The technology suits the temperature and humidity sensitive material.




Roller granulator mainly includes:

  1. Feed hopper

The feeding hopper mainly includes:

◆ Approximately 30 liters hopper

◆ Feeder use

◆ Driven by reducer motor

◆ Speed ​​regulation

◆ The shaft penetration hole adopts air seal


  1. Screw feed system

◆ Two double-headed spiral rods arranged in parallel are adopted,

Ensure the uniformity of material transportation and adapt to the material transportation of rolls with larger width.

◆ Quick-installed end-face connection is adopted with the driving device.


  1. Feeding box

◆ Specially designed screw feed box with a feed inlet and a natural exhaust outlet. (Optional for vacuum exhaust port)

◆ Natural exhaust filter element is made by sintering a piece of 10-20um stainless steel powder; the filter element does not block during normal production

◆ The three sides of the feed box are treated with circulating water cooling to ensure that the screw achieves temperature control on the temperature generated by the feed box during operation and ensures the normal production and operation of heat-sensitive materials.


The screw feeder degassed the raw material and transported the raw material to the nip angle of the pressure roller.

The screw feeder mainly includes:

◆ Screw conveyor

◆ Screw cover, can be used to connect vacuum filter

◆ A cylindrical screw

◆ Screw diameter = 100mm

◆ Metal labyrinth seal combination device for screw seal

◆ Driven by reducer motor

◆ The screw speed can be adjusted by the inverter

◆ Sealing strip and split partition are made of engineering plastic material (with wear resistance)

◆ Load and speed indication on the panel

  1. Screw feed system(Option)

When increasing the working volume and fluidizing products, the standard equipment is equipped with a vacuum station.

The outlet of the screw feeder cover has a vacuum assist function, which can promote the product to enter the pressure roller.

The vacuum device mainly includes:

◆ Vacuum pump

◆ Vacuum filter element 40 microns / standard (can be changed at any time according to the material)

◆ Indicating vacuum degree on the panel (bar / MPa)


  1. Pressure roller device

The material is compacted by the pressing roller device.

The roller device mainly includes:

◆ Driven by reducer motor

◆ The roller speed can be adjusted by the inverter

◆ Load and speed indication on the panel

◆ The pressing roller adopts hanging design, which is easy to reach (change nut)

◆ Groove surface with groove

◆ 280mm pressure roller diameter / standard structure

◆ 100mm pressure roller width / standard structure

◆ Maximum pressure of pressure roller = 30KN / cm

◆ Adjustable scraper

◆ The entire working area is covered by a protective cover, and the rolling process can be visually controlled

◆ Protective cover with safety switch for positioning control

◆ Active control gas seal combination at shaft penetration hole

◆ Press roller gap measurement / instruction

◆ Press roller gap control

Alternative options are as follows:

◆ The surface of the pressing roller is smooth, with knurling, or with knurling and grooves


◆ Pressure roller cooling


  1. Hydraulic device

The hydraulic device is used to generate the required compaction pressure.

The hydraulic device mainly includes:

◆ Accumulator with hydraulic pump and all required valves and instruments

◆ Hydraulic cylinder with required pipes or hoses

◆ Operating pressure of pressure roller = 1-25MPa

◆ Pressure roller pressure can be adjusted infinitely between limited values

◆ Indicating pressure through pressure transmitter (bar / MPa)

◆ Indicating pressure on the panel (bar / MPa)

◆ Intelligent control pressure


  1. Sheet material crusher

In the sheet material crusher, the sheet material from the roller press is pre-crushed.

The flake breaker mainly includes:

◆ Driven by reducer motor, fixed speed

◆ Located in the area of ​​sheet material outlet

◆ Active control air seal combination of shaft penetration hole

◆ The crusher shaft adopts hanging design

◆ Crusher is driven by reducer motor

◆ Cap nut can be used for quick disassembly


  1. Fine granulator

The rotor-type fine granulator is located below the crusher of sheet material.

The diagonal screens independently developed by our company can ensure the careful crushing of products and make the best use of the work area.

Granulator mainly includes:

◆ RFG 250X350 D type granulator

◆ Rotor diameter = 350mm

◆ Working length = 250mm

◆ The scope of supply includes a set of 1.0-3.8mm standard screens or sieves (varies according to the number of particles)

◆ It can reach the rotor and the screen or the screen in the front

◆ Rotor speed can be adjusted by inverter

◆ Active control air seal combination at shaft penetration

◆ The gap between the screen board and the knife can be adjusted within a certain range

◆ Driven by reducer motor




  1. Equipment support

The equipment support is used to support all the process devices from the feed of raw materials to the crushing station of the specification and the entire set of control devices.

The equipment support has the following characteristics:

◆ The equipment support is fully enclosed, with IP55 rating

◆ The drive and process area are completely separated

◆ The process device driver, hydraulic device and vacuum pump are located in the equipment support, which can be easily reached by locking the door. (Vacuum pump, option)

◆ There is a separate chute for testing the leaked material

◆ Equipment support can be cleaned

◆ Equipment support with ground connection

◆ The heat energy generated in the equipment bracket is exported through the exhaust fan.

◆ Sealed air maintenance unit (pressure indication / pressure adjustment)





  1. Automation system

The control device and its components have been carefully selected to ensure that the device has maximum efficiency.

The entire control unit will serve as an independent control system cabinet.


Operation panel

Siemens operation panel with 10.1-inch color display is used to control and monitor the rolling process. Connect the panel to the control unit via the MPI bus cable. Connect the panel to the equipment bracket (rotate the fixed range position)

Programmable logic controller (PLC)

Install a standard Siemens S7-1200 PLC

The device is equipped with a permanent memory, without the use of batteries.

Frequency converter (VFD)

Siemens Micromaster G120 inverter with integrated control device is used to control the speed of the drive device. A grade filter is used to ensure safe operation in key laboratories and market facilities.



Access control

The access control of the equipment operation panel is set, so only after confirming the identity can you change the process parameters or make technical adjustments to the equipment. Access control means that only authorized personnel within the area of ​​responsibility can access the operation panel (name and password entry is required). Each user belongs to a user group and has set access rights to the system. This avoids unauthorized changes to the granulation parameters or the initiation of uncleared process steps.

Equipment operation

Automatic operation

Automatic operation is a normal production mode. The equipment starts and stops in an automatic sequence. In this mode, an interlocking system is used to protect the equipment from damage.

Manual operation

During equipment maintenance. Each device may need to be operated separately. Can be achieved in manual mode. In this mode, there is no need to activate the interlock function of the device. Functional components, such as hydraulics, are in semi-automatic operation mode, which facilitates operation. Production in this mode of operation is not allowed.

Setting mode

In this mode of operation, the measurement / calibration of the pressure roller gap can be performed, and even when the equipment cover is opened, the hydraulic system will not be closed.

Device parameters

This item includes all setting parameters of the device. Examples include start and stop delays, alarm limits, operating time series, used to provide signals for necessary maintenance, or pressure roller gap control parameters.



Raw material hopper with lid

In order to integrate AFX 280 Pharma into a production facility and connect it with others. We also provide 3-inch quick-fit connectors and 1.5-inch quick-fit connectors. (3 inch quick connector can be connected with the material level device, in the case of automatic feeding)


Material is probe (option)

The level probe can display the lowest level in the feed hopper, for example, it can be used to control the feed of raw materials.


Pressure roller negative pressure cooling (or positive pressure)

A rotary interface device installed at the free shaft end is used to pass the negative pressure of cooling water from the customer's existing water supply network through the pressure roller. Use a valve to control the flow of water.

The cooling water consumption is about 120 litres / hour.


Granulator screen

Depending on the product, the granulator can be equipped with different screen inserts.

The following alternatives are available:

◆ Wire mesh screen

◆ Square sieve

◆ Round hole screen

Chute with separation function for detecting leaking material of seal

For standard equipment, separate the leaked material from the pressure seal of the pressure roller. Materials from process steps can be collected into separate bins or other storage items. The chute can be replaced by a chute that does not have the function of detecting the leakage of the sealing material. In this structure, the leaked material will be discharged together with the particles.

Sealed air control

In order to control the sealing air at the shaft penetration hole, after the equipment is operated for 12 months, the seal at the shaft penetration hole needs to be replaced


Commissioning with product

The trial operation of the equipment with products will be carried out at the customer's site.


Electrical (option)

Pressure roller gap measurement / indication

The actual pressure roller gap can be measured by the position sensor and monitored by the control panel. The display accuracy reaches `0.1mm.

Pressure roller gap control

The measured value of the roller gap is used as the actual data of the roller gap control. In the PLC, a PID controller is used to activate the preset rated and actual values. The output value of the controller will affect the speed of the feed screw. If the pressure roller gap is too small, the screw speed will increase until the desired pressure roller gap is reached. However, if the roll gap is too large, the controller will reduce the feed screw speed until the desired roll gap is reached.

With this device, changes in bulk density can be compensated.





Machine Model AFX-280
Roller width [mm] 100
Roller diameter [mm] 280
Roller max pressure [kn/cm] 30
Thickness [mm] 1—2.5
Capacity [Kg/h] 200—500
Graunle range Adjustable
Finish product rate 65℅—85℅
Roller speed Adjustable
Cooling water consumption 100L/h
Compressed air consumption 29L/h
Roller power [Kw] 11
Total power [Kw] 25
Weight [T] 4.5
Dimension [mm] 1800*1500*2000

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