Veterinary / Disinfectant Liquid Filling Line , Liquid Production Line For Dental Liquid

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: AM
Certification: CE, cGMP, ISO9001:2010
Model Number: /
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Price: Upon request
Packaging Details: Ply wooden case
Delivery Time: 60~90 days upon down payment and technical clarification
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: As per production plan
Name: Liquid Filling Line Filling Range: According To Customer
Electrical Source: AC220/110V 1 Phase Capacity: According To Customer
Filling Error: ± 1 % Capping: ≥99.5%
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liquid filling machine


liquid filling equipment


Veterinary/disinfectant Filling Line, Liquid Production Line, Dental liquid




Bottle rotary table - Air/water washing machine - Filling machine - Capping machine - Labeling machine




Rotary table

  1. It is suitable for automatic conveying of round bottles, such as conveyor belt connected to filling machine and capping machine, automatic feeding, improving efficiency; can be applied to the intermediate connection of the assembly line, as a buffer platform to shorten the length of the conveyor belt.
  2. The applicable bottle range can be adjusted freely. The bottle conveying speed is 30~100 bottles/min, and the speed can be adjusted steplessly to facilitate production arrangement.
  3. Reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency.
  4. The structure is relatively simple, stable and reliable.

Air/water washing machine

  1. The machine adopts strong mechanical jaws, and the parts are precision-cast by 304 stainless steel. It is stable and reliable. The parts are inlaid with PTFE and synthetic rubber, and the bottle is easier.
  2. The equipment can be adjusted in speed, and the height of the bottle can be adjusted manually. The inlet and outlet bottles are equipped with overload protection devices, and the bottle is stopped for convenient operation.
  3. The jaws are equipped with a control water spray device.
  4. The reliable water distribution valve can adjust the time ratio of flushing and water control arbitrarily, ensuring clean.
  5. The equipment is equipped with an adjustable bottle screw to ensure the bottle enters the dial smoothly.
  6. The unit is equipped with a water pump that provides sufficient pressure to flush the bottle.
Filling machine
  1. Suitable for filling of containers of different specifications, the filling specifications can be switched within a few minutes, the filling cycle is short, and the production capacity is high.
  2. Replacing the filling specifications does not require adding spare parts, and only needs to be adjusted. The user can select the filling quantity according to his own production capacity to determine the number of filling heads.
  3. The touch-operated color screen can display the production status, operation program, filling method, etc. The screen is intuitive, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
  4. Each filling head is provided with a bottle mouth setting to ensure accurate positioning of the injection. The design adopts a linear grouping method for bottle feeding and bottle discharging, and the filling function is expanded, and containers of various shapes can be effectively used in the device. Filling,
  5. The gas filling valve ensures that there is no dripping or drooping during the filling process.
  6. Filling uses fixed flow path parameters to control the filling time to achieve different metering filling. The precise time for pneumatic valve filling can be set to 0.01 seconds, enabling metering accuracy to be controlled within ±1% of the error range. The metering of each filling head can be individually adjusted to achieve consistent filling metering.
  7. The machine has set the bottle feeding technology program, no bottle, no counting and no filling. Only when the number of bottles recorded by the counter matches the set number of filling bottles, the filling starts.
  8. The amount of filling can be adjusted to the required filling volume, and then fine-tuned to obtain the ideal filling measurement accuracy.

Capping machine


1, Stainless steel material + lightweight aluminum profile production

2, The machine is compatible, can be applied to a variety of common caps. and the operation is simple.

3, Excellent flexibility, can be adjusted according to the height of the bottle and the size of the bottle cap, the elastic can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

4. The cover wheel is made of wear-resistant silicone.

5, Can be used in the filling production line.


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